First Post!

I've really enjoyed the works done by RAMDARAM. Originally I'd seen the Two Time Video when I was younger and assumed there was some kind of lore between the characters, but just never looked further into it.
Then BOOM! YouTube blessed me with another video after I started watching some of the other ones (★Soda City Funk!★) and thank god YouTube did!

I love this service

I'm not sure why this page won't update but sadly I can't link about me here :(, but so far I'm lowkey addicted to Neocities
I've never put this much effort into a website design wise and its lots of fun!
Edit not even seconds after: It worked after making this post

I'm silly

Been busy but now its time to start bloggin!!!
Honestly I'm not even sure too much WHAT to talk about anyway.
That won't stop this Internet Junkie though TwT
I feel like Brook from I'm the Grim Reaper
If you read webtoons/webcomics and haven't checked this one out you should! Very cool story and interesting take on Satan vs God storylines.
The characters are very interesting and likeable (especially Brook), with them learning to change their current morals of just killing whoever "needs" to be killed.
This has been your review of stuff I like, by me, Rating: 9.5/10


This is just me advertising my Spotify before I add an actual button at some point :3
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Dungeons and Dragons

I am a huge nerd.
I very much enjoy DnD and have been obsessed with it for the past couple of months TwT
Although in a way its mostly because I enjoy character creation so much, and DnD is like, the core of 90% of RPGs in a way.
I just wish it were a lot simpler to do online, since you still basically have to buy the books and what-not even though a majority are all online as PDFs for free...
But not much you can do, other than play da game and enjoy da fun!

Also random tidbit that has nothing to do with what I was just talking about I recently watched the Metalocalypse movie, and BOY was it good!!
If you enjoy Metal or anything of the sort and want to see a hilarious and raunchy show about it, its def worth the watch.

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 2

So far I've come up with 2 original characters that I like alot, everyone else is heavily based or just ripped from media most of the time so these I'm abit more proud of.
First is Fate, my first idea for a Satyr. She was meant to be the literal incarnation of Fate and they way I'd play it out was mostly through game mechanics.
Being a Fey Wanderer Ranger because that's my main style of fighting, and then adding on 1 or 2 subclasses, the main one being Divination (for that sweet sweet Portent Dice)
The second character is named Kramphyr (Mainly placeholder name). Which I'll admit I got the idea for from look at some fan art of someone else's DnD character.
She is originally a Satyr Monk who was washed of her memories after her friend saves her from a life threatening ritual. As a result she resembles more of a Barbarian(her main class) in combat,
but still maintaining some semblance of her monk abilities.
So far she's been my most fun to design a backstory for, and plan out the main 2 classes I'd be going for this. (Path of the Beast and Way of the Kensei)
Which ever side I end up dipping more into will make for very interesting combat later. Not to mention I almost always take a warhammer on her too and reflavor it as a giant songhorn she carries around with her.