About Me★・゚

Hex / Cadis

Age: 24
Birthday: September 5th
Likes: Meat(Steak), Pasta, Programming, Lore Deep Media, My Cat(Taffy)
Dislikes: Vegetables, Anger, Bugs

The main reason I'm making this site is because I never experienced the old net (the most internet access I got as a kid was AQWorlds and RuneScape)
But the sites people make on here are amazing, so I joined in inspiration! Also with some basically free advertisement from a friend.
I hope to explore many more sites and learn from everyones amazing web design!

Massive shoutout to Cinni and CyberDemon! The homepage layout is by CyberDemon and the others by Cinni, please check them out!
Most of this site wouldn't be the way it was without them!!